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If this is the first time that you're uploading the file to Azure, see steps 2 and 3 in Creating and uploading a virtual hard disk that contains the Linux operating system.

Using a local TDS is fine and of course works nicely for me.

I did so for example with the biblatex package since it is not part of the Te X Live distribution.

A Did anyone try to move from the "built-in" Te Xlive to the "real" one?

Multiple tools exist to create files, for example a virtualization solution such as Hyper-V.

For instructions, see Install the Hyper-V Role and Configure a Virtual Machine.

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(It doesn't worry me too much, just thought I'd ask around before I start)By the way, a native TL, which is typically installed under /usr/local, and a Te X from your operating system can happily coexist, each with their own completely independent trees and programs. ) So you could install a native Te X Live if your vendor is not keeping up.

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